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A glass, religious candle or votive

Colored tissue paper

White glue


Craft brush


(9-inch tall glass religious candles work great for caroling because the wind won’t blow out the flame and the base doesn’t get hot. Even the children can carry them. The candles cost about $1.00 each at dime stores or ethnic groceries.)


1. Make a glue solution that is equal parts white glue and water.

2. Measure your candleholder and cut a piece of tissue paper that is 1-inch taller and wide enough to wrap around it.

3. Brush the glue solution onto the glass, then cover it with the tissue paper. Tuck the excess paper under the base of the candle.

3. Brush more glue on top of the paper and allow the candleholder to dry.

4. Finish with a decorative bow.

You can use a grouping of your candles as a centerpiece before giving each caroler one of their own.

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About the Author: Rondi Hillstrom Davis is the co-author of the award-winning book Together: Creating Family Traditions. To check out her website that’s jam packed with family ideas, visit

Source by Rondi Davis

Cakes are always present on birthdays for both adults and kids. Thank the Germans for starting the annual celebratory of children’s birthdays with cake which then is called Kinderfest. Although many variations of sweets are eaten around the world for birthdays, candle blowing ritual has unknown exact origin. But theories from Greek origin explains that placing candles on birthday cakes is done to honor the birth of the goddess of the moon, Artemis, on the sixth day of every lunar month (in which the round shape of cakes are based to resemble the moon). This can be linked between her oversight of fertility and the birthday tradition of candles and cakes, however, this has not been established.

But on today’s generation, birthdays aren’t complete without blowing candles on cakes. It has been a tradition in mostly any part of this world. But a cake couldn’t just be on birthday celebrations, it is also present on mostly any occasion known – if we want to. Birthday cakes or any other cakes in several places comes from the best that is a long-established cake store with a reputation of producing only the best and provides the customers an outstanding experience.

Every place has a referred cake shop to order their cakes. But the question is, where to buy the best birthday cakes in your place? Big thanks to some cake shops for (answering our question and)producing high quality and consistent gourmet cakes that is perfect for birthdays or any other occasion. Being just around to some particular places is the perfect shops to be, for the best cakes, obviously!

You can fall in love with their lovely and delicious treats by being a unique cake shop in every place you are staying that astounds with creativity, variety, freshness and quality for their products. The commitment of using the finest and freshest ingredients available reflect on the products that can be distinguished by the texture, appearance and flavor of their cakes and gourmet.

Moreover, these cakes and gourmet aren’t just for birthday celebrations. Wedding celebrations or even at normal days, we love to eat cakes and gourmet. At some point, desserts are significant to every community. We may not admit but our children love cakes, cheesecake, gourmet and more. Our children today would eat without any occasion just to fill their days. I, too, would admit that I crave twice a week getting some triple chocolate cake for me to bring home and eat.

Lastly, the only way to know where to buy cakes not just in your community and on all other places is to make a list or a canvas then check them out on their physical store and try out their cakes or any products listed on your list.

Source by Jason Rosas Itumay

Bridal Showers are fun, girly events and having a shower with a theme makes it that much more exciting.

A really fun, sexy theme is a lingerie bridal shower–it can be as risque or played down as you like. Lingerie themes especially work for a smaller event with close girlfriends vs a huge guest list where not many people know one another.

Here are some ideas on how to make your lingerie bridal shower a success:

Dress code: Decide whether or not you want your guests to all where lingerie and set some guidelines–maybe you want everyone to come in their favorite leopard print or hot pink, maybe you want all your guests to wear a nightie or baby doll to have it a little more covered up. Also you may want to set perimeters on how risque you want the outfits to be. Keep in mind, you can have a lingerie shower without actually having your guests wear lingerie. You don’t have to list a dress code and instead the bridesmaids and bride can be the ones wearing lingerie.

Decorations: This can be funny or intimate and romantic. If you’re going for funny, consider hanging different colors and styles of bras from the ceiling. If you want a more romantic feel, dark roses and candles are an excellent choice, consider tea light candles surrounding a vase of roses. Or fill a glass bowl with water and top it with floating candles and sprinkle some rose petals and tea lights around it. Deep colors like red, deep purple and even a classic black work nicely–try to choose satin and silk fabrics for linens. Dim lighting and candles will make the ambiance just right.

Food: A chocolate fondue with strawberries for dipping is a great choice, bite size sandwiches and exotic drinks like pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris will make for a perfect lingerie theme spread.

Games: “Guess who’s Lingerie This is!” In the invitation ask each guest to bring one item from their lingerie drawer. Have the host collect each person’s lingerie at the door and put them in a basket. Than when it’s time to play the host or the bride will pull out each one and the guests will have to guess who’s it is and give 1 example of why they think it’s that person’s–this will make everyone learn a lot about each other and can be played just for fun or as an icebreaker.

Party Favors: Don’t forget to send your guests home with something to remember the event with. Personalized Lip Gloss is an excellent choice, you can pick one with a lingerie design and have it personalized to say whatever you would like. Or select a bridal shower favor that matches the decor or the bride’s personality.

Remember to be as creative as you like and to be sure to get the bride’s input, you certainly don’t want the bride to be uncomfortable, plus she’ll have a pulse on what the guests are like.

Have fun planning!

By Sara Davoodi

Source by Sara S Davoodi