Decorative Holiday Candles


A glass, religious candle or votive

Colored tissue paper

White glue


Craft brush


(9-inch tall glass religious candles work great for caroling because the wind won’t blow out the flame and the base doesn’t get hot. Even the children can carry them. The candles cost about $1.00 each at dime stores or ethnic groceries.)


1. Make a glue solution that is equal parts white glue and water.

2. Measure your candleholder and cut a piece of tissue paper that is 1-inch taller and wide enough to wrap around it.

3. Brush the glue solution onto the glass, then cover it with the tissue paper. Tuck the excess paper under the base of the candle.

3. Brush more glue on top of the paper and allow the candleholder to dry.

4. Finish with a decorative bow.

You can use a grouping of your candles as a centerpiece before giving each caroler one of their own.

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